From the Desk of Kori Raishon

There are a few things that I feel are important to the survival of humanity. The ability to experience life is one. 

I feel that life should include the arts; music, dance, spoken word, and theater. We should have access to various authors and life coaches. Our communities should be filled with conversations and new ideas.

In certain areas outside of major cities, lives are not able to experience the inclusion and diversity of entertainment. I grew up in Wappingers Falls and at the time there was a handful of black people living here. My first theatrical experience was  'Raison In The Sun' on broadway in New York City. Ninety miles south of where I live. At that time, that was all I saw when it came to live black entertainment. I had TV but there is nothing more inspirational that live entertainment.

Fast forward.
Today I am asking for your support to help me continue the work I started before letting it go to take care of my mother who is now passed on.  I'm asking friends, the people that I have dedicated my time to, and clients to help me with my mission to bring diverse cultural entertainment and talent to Poughkeepsie, NY and to also start a foundation in my mothers name.

What I am starting here in Poughkeepsie, are live cultural events that will allow opportunity for local individuals, families, single mothers and youth to enjoy various art forms that they may not have an opportunity to experience. LETS BRING THE TALENT TO THE SUBURBS and to the small inner cities. My artist friends desire to expand their exposure.

I am personally asking for an investment of any portion, to be used towards bringing cultural entertainment to the changing inner city of Poughkeepsie, NY and be put towards rebuilding DPVN, my video distribution network. 

Your investment goes towards, respecting all levels of talent that I bring to my stage; paying the independent artists, the rental for the venue, and for proper marketing. The average event costs, in total, $4,500.00 to $6,000.00. I have plans to bring 24 events to Poughkeepsie. I have been given, Sundays at Mystic Cafe, a black owned establishment.

Your investment will bring Double EE Productions, LLC back to where I left off in 2015,
reaching 122 countries and having 65K organic followers watching our DPVN programs. I want to take it further. With new technology and better social media and a partnerships with a black, woman owned marketing firms with a subscription of 1.4 million individuals, I am seeing the success with changes that we can make in peoples lives.


I want to bypass a lot of politics here and be free in offering black and brown kids exposure to quality black and brown artists that I can bring an experience that could change a persons path in life.

It still takes a village. Will you be mine?


Click above image to see some of the solicited artists.


To be a part of the change and to brake the division based on stereotypes we don't control.

You can invest via PayPal,  through your phone via Cash App,
or a check mailed to
Double EE Productions, LLC
17 Partners Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Links to a video.