A Promotional Video Docu-Series hosted by DPVNExclusive

  • Total 6 Interviews per Month
  • 20 Min. Video InterviewInterview posts on DPVNExclusive indefinitely
  • Direct Talent Promotions
  • Direct Pushed on Social Media
  • Indirect Webpage Promotions
  • Interview airs throughout the year on DPVN.net (April 2021)
  • Airing on a streaming cable network on the DPVNChannel (Fall 2021)

Melanite Men - Promo. Video Docu-Series

$180.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price
  • What is a Promotional Docu-series? It is a D'EE'P service that publicizes a series of video interviews highlighting black men who are career-centered. These interviews centered around the situations that lead to a person's career and talk about the services or products they provide. Our purpose is twofold; we promote your brand awareness and inspire others to find their purpose.