Due to the COVID-19 we are offering independent artists and entrepreneurs with services that will help them to maintain or build their brand awareness via our video network division, DPVN.

Scheduled webinars, see below.

DPVN aka D'EE'P Vision Network is a co-share platform for individuals that are entertainers or entrepreneurs. DPVN has a social impact mission, to support, empower and expose creative content that inspires us to live our authentic lives. Join our webinars every Tuesday till May 26, 2020 then once a month after, to learn more about DPVN.



We are currently hosting Zoom meetings to inform interested individuals that are conent creators or entrepreneurs with product and are seeking to learn more about DPVN as a co-share network.

We are not here for COVID-19 but we have brought our network back earlier than expected because of this pandemic.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting that will informs our attendees about DPVN ShopBUY every  Monday for the next seven weeks starting April 13, 2020.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting that will informs our attendees about
 DPVN Program, DPVN Movies and DPVN Live!  every Tuesday for the next seven weeks starting April 7, 2020.

We offer three times throughout the day for each meeting day. 
Advance registration is recommended.



The art of business touches on creating awareness about your talent, products or services. The growth of your business, along with gaining consistent followers, fans, and buyers, is about being heard, viewed, and read about. The bottom line of success is doing  what you love.

How do you get others to know about the love you have for entertaining, creating solutions, providing services or informing individuals about your work towards helping the community?

Double EE Productions, LLC creates platforms for performance artists, entrepreneurs with products and services, and non-profit organizations that are seeking to get the word out about what they are doing in the community.

Consumers tend to buy from brands that they know. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. The second best is staying in front of your audience. Double EE Productions, LLC provides services that makes staying visible affordably possible and the third is, owning your narrative.

Double EE Productions, LLC offers in front marketing solutions. Through our partnerships and affiliations we have a built audience. Your brand could be placed in front of our audiences at our live events, seen and heard via our digital media platforms. We also offer PR and marketing services, article writing and publication placement, media development and consulting so that you can own your public narrative.


Peruse through our list of services below.

Contact us for more information. 
Schedule a meeting with conceptualist and strategist, Kori Raishon, to discuss branding opportunties that include UListMedia, various media mentions, audio and video marketing; logo, direct, and in hand placement; brand awareness, and our various article marketing and publication placement; in venue and digital vending, and live event sponsorships.

Request and download a copy of our 2020 D'EE'P Media Marketing Service price sheet.


Audio directory that eliminates the cold calling

PR & Marketing that increases public awareness and impacts your bottom line.

Articles written about your product, service or cause that includes placement in one or more of our 27 affiliated publications.

Vendor opportunities at events that we produce or co-produce in various cities.

Direct marketing through digital programing coverage of our live events.

Direct Marketing through local live events that we produce or co-produce in various cities.


Audio marketing services discussing your purpose, mission or goal.

Live events offering brand awareness.

In-House production platforms to expose your talent to our local or global audience,

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Live Audiences


Media Directory


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