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Brand Strength and Business Growth Mastermind

A 90-day business acceleration intensive to launch, grow, or pivot your business.

Presented by
Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez, PhD
Founder, Conscious Enterprise Inc. and the Family Wealth Generation Project
Kori Raishon
Conceptualist of Double EE Productions, LLC, Strategist and Author

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Too many entrepreneurs struggle to get their companies off the ground; maintain a steady, rising stream of business; or move beyond their growth ceiling. Now more than ever, business owners need new, more transformative strategies to push them past their humps and achieve a greater level of sustainable success. The Brand Strength and Business Growth Mastermind with Dr. M and Kori Raishon will take entrepreneurs on an accelerated journey. Results-focused and action-oriented, the Mastermind combines coaching, consulting, and masterminding to help entrepreneurs set and achieve a measurable 90-day sales, revenue, marketing, or development goal. Use the group to help you launch, relaunch, grow, or pivot your business, a product or service — just in time for the holiday season or the new year.

About Brand Strength & Businss Growth MastermindDr. M & Kori Raishon
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What We’ll Do

The goal of the Brand Strength and Business Growth Mastermind is to position your business for optimal success in 90 days. Dr. M and Kori will work with you to make key shifts in your business and mindset that will have positive short-term and lasting effects. During the program, we will:

  • Identify core areas of business and brand strength and weakness.

  • Make recommendations to position or transform your company to capture the business it needs to grow 

  • Align your business style and your passion

  • Help you set and achieve realistic and measurable sales, revenue, marketing and development goals to help you capitalize on the holiday season or new year

  • Educate you about creative funding options and other resources for your business

  • Get you out of your head, out of your fears, and out of the way of your own success. 

  • Support you in making effective business decisions

  • Accelerate and solidify your progress by helping you build lasting habits that support success

  • Hold you accountable for producing a tangible result in 90 days.

Your Coaches

Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez is a real estate investor, helps businesses get funded, and has 25 years of experience as a coach, counselor and consultant. Dr. M’s work focuses on personal, professional, and organizational transformation, wellness, and the development of human potential.  Limitations in business growth are often the byproducts of limitations in personal growth and leadership. Dr. M will help you assess your business and connect the dots between your personal power and outer success. You will develop the clarity and courage to take new action and make major breakthroughs quickly in the areas where you and your business have been chronically stuck and challenged. 

Kori Raishon is a Conceptualist, Strategist, and Author with over 25 years building digital media platforms for talent and business owners. Kori Raishon will help you look at your business style in a way that will align you to your passion. Presentation is everything and as we move towards media being the trend, the question is, are you ready to get in the game? Mr. Raishon will help you see your business through the eyes of a potential client. You will walk away with insight to how your image is important to your success and the importance of your brand bringing you into your desired reality.


How the Mastermind Works

The Mastermind will kick-off Wednesday, September 16, 2020 with discussions of the Brand Strength and Business Growth assessment for each entrepreneur and their preliminary goals. The group will run through Wednesday, December 16, 2020, meeting live via Zoom every other week for live coaching, consulting, brainstorming and discussion. During the off weeks of the mastermind, you will work on your goals, milestones and deliverables for your business. You’ll have access to a coaching dashboard to visually track progress, follow or develop custom success habits, journal self-reflection notes, and message your coaches with any questions. 


Take the Assessment

The Brand Strength and Business Growth Assessment is a quick and easy way to assess the important areas of your brand and business development. Is your company positioned to capture the business it needs to grow or do you need to transform it? Take the 5-minute assessment and get instant results that show the areas of your business that are flourishing and the areas that are struggling.

Reserve Your Spot in the Mastermind (only 10 available!)

Whether you feel your business is spinning its wheels and slipping out of your control, or you feel like you’re on the verge of making it to an extraordinary level of success, Dr. M and Kori will support you in being ready to create and seize great opportunities in the next 90 days and beyond.

Date: Wednesdays, September 16 - December 16, 2020

Time: 7:30pm – 9pm 

Location: Online

Maximum:  10 Participants


Price: $997