• We partner with affiliates and clients as well as produce our own In-House live productions and event. seminars, mini-festivals, talk-backs, networking and social gathering events, as well as special interest video news stories or coverage

  • All events will be for a live audience and some will stream live

  • Our live events feature dance, music, vocalist, spoken word, written word and theatre

  • All events are documented for post production 



Double EE Productions, LLC (D’EE’P) a social impact company, whose mission is to help sustain and expose diverse and cultural independent artistic creators and intellects through the use of digital media. Starting in the fall of 2019 we are touching lives and building communities through media platforms that educate to inform, entertain, and foster acts of kindness while giving back to organizations that are in service to individuals in need.


  • Double EE Productions, LLC is partnered with SPMG Media
  • Placement of promotional flyers, posters, and videos playing online and in venues.

  • Targeting individuals from 100 miles radius via local radio, newspapers  and colleges

  • Shared live stream and audio content on social media and in our newsletters

  • Mic mentions at each event during the opening and closing of each show and event.

Double EE Productions, LLC is a co-creative producer. We provide our services and products to the talent that grace our stage. We are producing our in-house events for various clients in various cities. We produce workshops, networking events, brunches, and talk-backs for a growing, culturally rich, community. Our events will offer artists, business owners, and organization an opportunity to expose their product, talent or services to the local audience that we serve but also to our global fans and followers.

Listed below are a list of talents that we are working with.



Post-cast, Live Stream, Live Audience, Social Media and Post-Event Streaming


    • Adult men and women that are single or have families that attend the events

    • Newsletter subscribers

    • Consumers, Readers and Active Listeners of the local media

    • Fans and followers of our social media pages and members of various social media groups

    • Live stream viewers via our website and YouTube  




  1. Committed NYC travelers (43% commute to work)

  2. Relocated Professionals (23% and rising)

  3. Local Tourists and Museum Connoisseurs in the Dutchess County area.

  4. Our Events Attract

    1. 60% African American

    2. 25% Caucasian 

    3. 15% Hispanic and/or Asian

GOBALLY: Our newly formed partnership with SPMG Media gives us access to a broader audience. SPMG Media owns 27 publications that are viewed by 1.4 million organic subscribers. Double EE Productions, LLC brings to the partnership audio and video content that includes UListMedia, podcasts, our In-House live productions,  and special video coverage of our clients, sponsors, and local news coverage.

LOCALLY: The areas in Dutchess County from Rhinebeck to Fishkill, NY is a growing diverse community. Individuals are seeking a cultural assortment of entertainment where they live. With a larger number of New York City commuters and a growing number of individuals moving from New York City to Beacon, Fishkill, Wappingers Falls and Poughkeepsie, our events will provide them with a “let’s stay in the area” option for informative networking, socializing, and entertainment.




There is a growth of diversity in the Hudson valley. The area is seeing a rise in New Your City transplants. A diversity of cultures of color. These are individuals that are use to diver entertainment. As a past resident of New York City. Having spent time in four of the five boroughs, I understand the various cultures and the diversity of art being Double EE Productions, LLC mission for over 25 years. We will bring that flavor of independent entertainment and diversity to the growing audience in the Hudson Valley. Allowing the residence in the Hudson Valley be closer to home. 


GROWING COMMUTERS: According to a new report from Marist College’s Marist Bureau of Economic Research  report “Nearly 43 percent of all Hudson Valley job-holders commute to New York City...” Most of the people commuting are in the tech industry and say they can live very well on a New York City salary in the Dutchess county area. our events provides them with a NYC entertainment lifestyle at home.

JOB GROWTH: Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, NY will become a teaching hospital. The former IBM East in Fishkill, NY has become the home for iPARK, a redevelopment project that will house retail, hotel and residential options. This will bring 500 to 1,000 jobs to the area. The future of Marist College is to add medicine to their curriculum. The missing component to this growing population of culture is rich diverse entertainment for people to enjoy. Why leave the area when we can bring new life here to Dutchess County?



Our events and media platforms offer opportunties for brand awareness. Our advertisement and sponsorships can be tailored to your needs. We  do offer preset packages as well.  After reviewing the list below schedule a time to discuss your opportunities to build your brand awareness with our audiences.

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