Amina S. Carter has touched the lives of many with her powerful message of hope, empowerment, healing, and change.

Her affiliation with the empowerment and healing movement has qualified her as one of the new and fast emerging women leaders in the field. Her keynotes, workshops, and seminars are gaining momentum and notoriety; quickly making her a force among the familiar names in the business.

Amina’s inherent gift to get straight to “the-heart-of-the-matter” makes her a dynamic speaker, coach, and mentor. Her ability to stay connected to her authentic self-allows a genuine and immediate connection to all audiences she serves.

Her personal awakening and breakthrough have made her a relatable and respected figure amongst her peers. Delivering heartfelt, personal and profound truth to all audiences she touches, has put her in high demand and inspired a life change that has resulted in Amina leaving her 12-year job in sales and marketing to pursue her business full-time.

She is now fully invested and dedicated to teaching and inspiring others to release themselves from their pain and live in a place of power.

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