Welcome to Double EE Productions, LLC a.k.a D'EE'P.  We are excited about our New Year.  Our 2020 is clear and we are excited about a new direction. D'EE'P is moving forward, deepening the social impact portion of our company. Our mission since our conception has always been to support, empower and expose the diversity. In keeping with our mission to S.E.E. small businesses, independent artists, communities, and individuals in need, we are extending our vision.



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D'EE'P has always applied the rule of three. Three wins, include business, customers, and community. We will end 2019 with three live events that will help us create a non-profit foundation that will support individuals in need in our national community.  Our business services, will support our events along with our aligned sponsors. Our services build our clients and our events will entertain our audiences. We will expand our winnings through our media distribution division, PonderThis! and DPVN. These devisions will return in 2020, exposing the great women and men that are servicing, creating and saving lives.


Our Partner

Double EE Productions, LLC is partnered with SPMG Media for our marketing needs. SPMG believes that "the foundation of a successful publicity campaign is strong media relationships (grassroots and otherwise). Period."  more



The Business Spiritualist:
"It has been a divine honor working with Kori Raishon and Double E Production for just a short few years. His unique and unforgettable approach to handling business and bring any vision you already have to life is truly exceptional. He has taken some of our branded conferences to higher heights with his spiritual angle to business, concepts, marketing, and most importantly, giving my events and company an amazing image. I am grateful and honored to have and to continue to work with Kori Raishon"    

Lytoya Parker - Founder & President, GORJA RCC

Double E Productions is a great solutions provider. From Video Editing services to Ulist Media, I have been able to position my brand from a place of strength. Thank you!

Zhe Scott - Founder & President, TSQ Marketing Inc.

"Working with Kori Rashon has been a dream. Double EE Productions is an extremely professional company with a wonderful working attitude. Kori/Double EE has made the process of payments affordable and easy to help me as a busy small business owner.  Their creative ideas are beyond helpful and innovative. Choosing Double EE was not only the right choice but a choice I will continue to make going forward. "

Velvet Lattimore
Vedazzling Accessories