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Image by Mimi Thian




Double EE Productions, LLC is a media marketing strategist firm along with being a media production company for PonderThis!. Double EE Productions, LLC is also a social impact company that shares our profits and raises funds for non-profit organizations that are doing good in the community that they serve. Currently Double EE Productions, LLC is developing a foundation that will support and expose organizations that are doing good in the world.

Our Mission: To educate through workshops and one-on-one strategy sessions. Increase the use of media as a means of marketing for entrepreneurs, talent, and non-profit organization leaders.


Kori Raishon, Founder and Owner of Double EE Productions, LLC has used digital media as marketing tool for over 25 years. Designing unique media marketing strategies for individuals in the arts and entertainment industry, entrepreneurs and non-profit organization leaders.


Keeping the humanness in business, Raishon builds on knowing that every business is not the same. "Every brand has its own foundation and its a media marketing plan that will build it's awareness and illuminate it's brand".


Inquire today about the various ways you can increase your brand awareness.

Live Sessions

Our limited seated 90 minute live sessions are never the same because Kori Raishon educates and strategizes with those in the Zoom. Each session is unique and you leave with an awareness that could work for you and possible strategies with those that you meet in the Zoom.

PR & Marketing

We will connect you to our partner, SPMG Media and they will custom-tailored an approach to campaigns that enables their team to develop affordable programs. They will implement an integrated social media and marketing strategy that will maximize visibility for your brand and enable your business to grow.

Mobile Placement

Place your brand directly in front of over 3.7 thousand monthly riders. Your video will play every time our partner picks up a clients that is in need of their concierge service.

Article & Ad Placement

Place your brand directly in front of over 3 million subscribers for each magazine.

Ad Placement

Place your brand directly in front of a growing listening audience.